Pj Pantaleo
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Pj was always a fan of improv and live theater his early exposure to it was at Epcot in the 80's and then Disney's Hollywood Studios in the 90's watching the perfomers going back so often that many of their characters and actors receognized him.

Later he would attend a Renaissance festival in Tampa where he found the King was a performer from Disney's Hollywood Studios. Pj went out baught a costume and sword and went back every weekend that season.
A few years later he discovered the Comedy Whse at downtown Disney. Again he went so often the performers began to recognize him.
Then he found him self at SAK. Fell in love with the idea of improv and at the urging of his roommate Pj took the classes SAK offered. After graduation Pj was introduced to Phil and his concecpt of Power 2 Improv.

In addition to being a player Pj is also the leader for the marketing and buisness direction of the troupe.

In addition to his duties Pj is a member of Power2improv and Stuffed With People

Matt Gervia

Matt has always been funny in different ways but it was not until Matt found the SAK comedy lab that he finally found a place that felt like home.  Matt became a student at SAK University, where he signed up for every class and seminar they provided.  After completing every level Matt Graduated from SAK University in July 2008. The abilities and confidence that Matt gained propelled him to not only help set up and run an Improv group called Power 2 Improv, but to branch out on his own to do standup comedy.  Matt has even dabbled with puppetry.  There seems to be no end to what Matt is willing to try and what he tries he goes in to it whole heartidly and he excels at.  There seems to be nothing to hold Matt back and the sky seems to be the limit for this very talented Young Man. In addition to his uites here Matt is the founder of Power2improv and Stuffed With People